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Proper Patch Placement

Improper placement of the under eye covering is one of the top causes for irritation. In fact, these reactions can look so severe that they are often mistaken as adhesive reactions.⠀ Burning, swelling, itching, redness (often in a straight line), and corneal abrasions may all be a sign that the patches or tape were improperly placed or shifted during the application. Rather you prefer patches or tape- the fundamentals remain the same. Once applied, ensure the eye is properly shut and that the upper eyelid isn’t resting on the patch or tape. Check the positioning throughout the application as shifting is possible (especially with clients who talk, have deep-set eyes, or have high cheek bones). If the client feels any itching or burning, or their eyes begin to water, look to the under eye covering right away.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Let me show you my favorite method of patch application in action and at different angles. Controlling the amount of lift to the eyelid helps me ensure I get a perfect placement every time. Having a client open their eyes then close often results in too close of a placement as the brows relax and the eyes sink in when closed.⠀

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