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Red Eyes Are Not Okay

I hear this time and time again from stylists and clients alike. They pass off red eyes as a normal part of the lash application process. I’m here to tell you red eyes are >not< normal. This is a sign of irritation and should be addressed. Assessing your environment, application techniques, and safety protocols will provide you the insight to reduce the chance of irritation for your clients.⠀ Providing a quality service is more than just applying a beautiful set of lashes. The application process itself should uphold the highest safety precautions. With this said, let’s dive into some of the top causes of red eye irritation within an application.⠀ Top causes of red eye irritation:⠀ - Poor application techniques⠀ - Inadequate ventilation⠀ - Lack of humidity⠀ - Using poor quality or expired products⠀ - Improper placement of the under eye patch/tape⠀ - Client’s eyes are open throughout the application⠀ Now, this isn't to say that seeing a red eye makes you a poor stylist. But how you address and handle the situation speaks volumes. Irritated red eyes happen, but shouldn't be the normal in your business. Do you agree or disagree? As always, share your thoughts. Let me hear from you! 🖤⠀ And if you’d like more tips on safe applications, check out part 2 of my Adhesive Safety blog series.

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