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Xtreme Lashes Omni Volume Review

It was a treat being the lash stylist for this Xtreme Lashes campaign. I enjoyed bringing their vision alive with such a topnotch team. Thank you to each of you who have sent your support and love on this look!

After posting this in my story, I received quite a bit of curiosity on this product and a lot of negativity too. This photo opened the door to some >strong< thoughts. Want to hear my opinion on the product? Keep reading!

Xtreme Lashes Omni Volume Eyelash Extensions do classify under the “easy fan” umbrella. Easy fan lashes are quite taboo and fighting for their place in our industry- much like premade fans are.

I will say innovation excites me and I analyze deeply… I find the finest of details make the biggest difference. With that said- let’s take a closer look.

Easy fan lashes are taboo due to the coating used on the bases of them. This coating adheres the bases of the extensions together making it “easier” to fan the lashes due to the way the lashes are “stuck” together at the base. This raises many concerns such as the bases being too thick meaning you are unable to get a nice pinpoint base. Another concern is the bases being so stuck together that when you try to pick up a 4D fan- you instead pickup an 8D fan.

Here are some key details I see within the Omni Volume Lashes that differ from other easy fan lashes on the market:

-Dark fiber with a soft taper

-High lash density along the strip with lash consistency

-The coating used to create the “easy fan” isn’t goopy like most easy fan lashes I’ve seen. I’m able to pick up the number of lashes I want to. As for creating a thin base… I feel about 25% of the time- my bases were chunkier than I like.


Is this a lash I’m going to use daily? No. I have my own lash style and preferences although I have a few clients who love the look this lash provides and have even told me to never use anything else on them!

Do I see a place for this lash in the industry? Absolutely! These lashes aren’t only dark, but have assisted many artists in creating voluminous looks that they struggled to achieve before.

Do they fan easier? Not necessarily. If you’re well-trained in volume- you’ll have some adjustments to make while getting used to using these. If you’re new to volume- you’ll likely enjoy the ease of keeping your bases together.

Do I have any concerns with easy fan lashes? Of course. I feel Xtreme Lashes has truly improved easy fan lashes for the market, but my concern lies in stylists receiving adequate volume training and dedicating the time it takes to become sufficient in volume. I don’t want inexperienced artists to think this is a magic cure-all. The volume technique still takes dedication, practice, and the investment in continuing education. Adding volume to a menu isn’t for the faint of heart and there are no short cuts.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Share your thoughts below!

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