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AnneMarie Lorenzini Headshot 2019.png
AnneMarie Lorenzini

Lash Stylist        International Educator

AnneMarie’s beauty industry career began in 2007 as a supporting manager at an award-winning AVEDA® Lifestyle Salon and Spa. By 2009, AnneMarie travelled between New York City and Atlanta as a special effects and beauty makeup artist. “I loved the little details in special effects makeup- especially applying beards, bald caps, and anything textured”, says AnneMarie. “These experiences served as the foundation to my lash career”.


AnneMarie entered the lash industry at the turn of the 2012 new year as a Product Development and Troubleshooting Specialist. “Developing products alongside engineers and scientists is indescribable”, AnneMarie explains. “This provided me with a comprehensive understanding within our industry. Many don’t realize that creating an entirely new product takes years of development. By launch, we were already a year into development of the next big thing!” Within her Troubleshooting role, AnneMarie was able to connect with artists all over the world needing technique, product, or business advice. This gave her the ability to see the industry from many viewpoints and taught her to adapt to and understand many learning styles and ways to express the information she wanted to convey. Only months into her lash journey, AnneMarie expanded into teaching eyelash extensions and working within Quality Control to ensure all products upheld the highest standards. “I was a young lash stylist when I began teaching, but I really understood the theory. My first year in lashes felt like 5 years. I had strong mentors and was dedicated to the process”, says AnneMarie. “It was my job to see every detail while working within Quality Control. This absolutely helped train my eye which reflected in training others”. As time went on, AnneMarie became a Subject Matter Expert in the industry and expanded even further into educational development by creating custom curriculums and training new educators on an international basis. “I’ve trained over 1,300 individuals and each training has touched my soul. Supporting others in their own growth is where I thrive. It’s a beautiful place to be”, AnneMarie expresses.


But AnneMarie’s journey doesn’t end there. She manages an exclusive clientele in The Woodlands, Texas while supporting the lash industry by offering custom mentorship programs, as well as group trainings. “Mentorships are truly unique. I’m usually requested when things aren’t going as planned”, AnneMarie explains. “I am humbled to help turn weakening businesses around. Seeing a stylist go from surviving to thriving is truly something special. To be a part of their journey is a huge honor and is not something I take lightly”.


“As an educator, I take pride in providing each student with a quality experience. It begins by listening and identifying my student’s concerns or requests and sharing my best information openly. Knowing how much trust my students place in me keeps me motivated to provide the most informative programs while maintaining a high standard of industry excellence and professionalism”.

Special Recognitions:

Xtreme Lashes Top Client Retention Award

Cat Fight Lash Competition Top 3

DFW Lash University Commencement Speaker

Judging and Speaking Engagements:
The Lashies Judge 2021, 2022, 2023
Artistic Lash League Judge 2022, 2023

Untamed Awards Judge 2022

Les Victoires du Regard Paris Judge

Les Victoires du Regard International Master Class Educator

Artistic Furr Speaker

International Lash Masters Australia Speaker

Lash Boss Summit Speaker

Lash Boot Camp Speaker

VB Mindfulness Speaker




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Lash Inc Magazine

Angel Lash Magazine


The Untamed Podcast

LashCast Podcast

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Gorgeous Growth Podcast

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