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Quarantine Love: Those Who Went Above and Beyond

COVID-19 has affected everyone in its own unique way. The powerful force it has over the entire world is not overlooked. Through all the uncertainty, pain, and misfortune there are brands that have gone above and beyond in our industry to provide us with hope, encouragement, and growth. These selfless acts have touched lives in incredible ways and these brands will never truly know the impact they have made. Thank you, thank you for all of you who have kept our minds, bodies, and souls engaged during this time. <3

Lash Tribe Wellness Hour with Borboleta Beauty x Revoläshion

Borboleta and Revoläshion host experts weekly in free, live webinars covering health and motivation. Fitness experts, yoga and meditation gurus, nutritionists, skin care experts, makeup artists, life coaches, mental health professionals, and professional organizers are among the experts featured.

Maven Artistry

Trina gave away practice sheets and adhesive while humbly saying, “[We are] doing what we can right now”. A month later, stylists are still elevating their artistry through design and consistent fan practice. As a side note… we got to see Momma Maven cleaning tweezers and working with Trina… what a beautiful insight into the Maven Artistry brand.


Paul and Tussanee are known for providing high-quality content in their podcast and have ventured into creating business conferences, but their sense of community continues to grow. To keep stylists’ minds busy, they gave away the audio from LashCon 2019 valued at $300. With over 20 speaking topics, it surely motivated many to elevate their businesses!

Untamed Artistry

This quirky brand brought us a quirky distraction during quarantine… and no one is surprised! Cheryl hosts weekly game nights. These virtual games are lighthearted and sure to make you laugh while enjoying a beverage or nighttime snack. It really feels like you’re hanging out with a group of lash nerds, because well… you are.


Although LashBase has postponed their official USA launch they haven’t slowed down a bit. At the beginning of quarantine, LashBase gave away over $114,000 worth of free products in just 5 hours! They continue to support artists by offering free business building education and have plans to help with the burden many businesses will face upon reopening.


Lindy is a silent helper in our industry. Her impact is done in such a way that you won’t easily recognize what she’s done. Lindy has continued to support many in the community on and off social media. In addition to her private support, she has hosted more frequent lives bringing on industry experts. EBL also provided quarantine challenges to keep stylist hands busy.


LashBootCamp is founded by Anna and Zarina as the first online educational marathon in the USA. They put together a FREE LashBootCamp for artists to take advantage of while in quarantine covering a variety of topics including business building and marketing, application techniques, and portfolio development.


Lorena has provided constant giveaways partnering with many brands and individual artists in addition to offering steep discounts on comfy apparel for us to lounge in. Her apparel reminds us that we are all connected even from afar.

Jocelyn is known for her song of the day and stunning editing skills. As a nurse, Jocelyn has her hands full in such an honorable capacity. Even still, she has found time to calm our spirits with her music and elevate our businesses through educational videos on content creation and editing.

Lashy Hour with Kimber Jaynes

Kimber created a safe place for others to share and express during this time while enjoying a “quarantini”. It’s encouraged to get ready to add a boost to your mood, but there’s no judgement for tuning in while wearing yesterday’s outfit. She brings guests on to share horoscopes, positive affirmations, and to just chat as girlfriends do.

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