• AnneMarie Lorenzini

Competitors Are An Asset

Knowing what the lash stylists around you are excelling at and supporting their achievements actually increases your own probability of success. This does not mean copying your competitors, but rather reaching a confidence and understanding within yourself. Knowing that you and your competitors can both shine is the most beautiful business breakthrough of the century.

Not all lash stylists are the same and why should we be? There are endless styles of lashing as well as many opportunities for running a successful business. I love that there is room for everyone within this industry. We all create our own artistry, client experience, and business structure. I’ve cultivated the best clients. Part of this is simple… I understand that not every client is the client for me. More importantly, I recognize that I am not the stylist for every client. Once you embrace your artistry and style, your journey really begins.

As for my artistry, I have a huge focus on natural lash health. I specialize in lash rehabilitation and enjoy creating full, yet soft designs. I do not create Mega Volume or Strip Lash looks. Those looks are beautiful, but I know others who really excel at them. Not only are we able to offer our own artistry, but we have our own vibe. For example. Stylist A may have a trendy, hip, upbeat tone within her business whereas Stylist B creates a calm, spa-like experience. Both stylists can thrive as they are cultivating a clientele that is unique to them. You can have a clientele that fits your vibe and appreciates your artistry.

I can focus on my artistry by referring clients to other stylists (and yes, even other businesses) based off the client’s requested design, style, scheduling availability, or beauty budget. This has not hindered my success one bit. In fact, I feel it has helped me. By listening and identifying my client’s concerns and requests, I can ensure they are receiving the best service- even if that service isn’t with me. I want every client to feel powerful and happy with the lashes they receive. In addition, I want to feel excited to come to work each day- no “pit in the stomach” or annoyed/anxious feelings when I see a name on my schedule… I know you know what I mean. Guess what? You are in control of this happening.

Are you with me? Or does referring out potential business cause you stress? Feeling a bit of stress for referring out money is natural. Get rid of the thought, “I can only be successful if I schedule every client and accommodate their requests. I cannot create my own identity and competition is a threat”. By overcoming this thought process and supporting the lash community, you’ll be surprised how much your business thrives and how much happier you are lashing. You’ll likely receive referrals back your way. I still receive referrals from other stylists in my area and from client’s who are lashed elsewhere. This comes from building trust within others and truly caring about what’s best for the client.

I challenge you to research other artists in your area. You’ll be surprised how much of an asset your competitors really are. Don’t be afraid to turn away business or refer business out for the sake of the client’s, and your own, betterment. Follow your passion and back that artistry up with a safe application and strong business practices.

[My goal within my courses and mentorships is to understand the individual’s style and goals. I aim to grow each stylist’s business by merging the stylist’s own visions with a successful business structure. These mentorships are ideal for individual lash stylists, lash stylists working within a salon, or for salon owners. For more information on taking your career path to the next level, DM or email me.]

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