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Flat Lashes

Flat lashes create a lot of depth and darkness within a lash line due to them being... well... flat. When you look at something flat, you see more of it versus a round item. For example, when you look at a can of soda, notice that the very front is what you see most of as the rest of the can rounds away from you. Now look at your phone. You’ll see much more of this surface due to it being flat.⠀

Flat lashes are ideal for classic clients who want more color pay off than traditional round extensions provide them. It’s worth mentioning that flat lashes typically weigh 40-50% less than a traditional round extension. Think of a 0.08mm extension flattened. It still looks like a 0.15mm, but weighs like a 0.08mm. This is why I encourage stylists to utilize flat lashes for classic clients who request thicker extensions. Instead of applying a 0.20mm round extension, the client may be happier with a flat extension in 0.15mm simply due to how much more color they see when looking in the mirror. Between the flat appearance and the short taper, flat lashes create a look that pops!⠀ Here are my favorite ways to incorporate flat extensions into a set:⠀ -Classic: Mix 50% 0.15mm flat lashes with 50% 0.10mm/0.12mm round lashes.⠀ -Hybrid: Apply 50% volume to 50% flat lashes while focusing the flat lashes throughout the middle layer of the design. (Shown in the photo).⠀ One last application consideration... ensure the client’s natural lash is at least 0.10mm in diameter. Imagine a note card attached on top of a marker. The extra width is not only obvious within the design, but is more prone to sticking to other lashes and may be snagged throughout the client’s home care.⠀ This set was created using @borboletabeauty flat lashes and @revolashion Mulberry Silk lashes in 0.07mm (3-4D).

Do you use flat lashes? What are your favorite designs to create with them?

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